[Update 7/28/2018: Hello everyone! Welcome to the site of the West Marches style campaign I am currently running in my homebrew world of Mithline. Over the next month or so I will be working on updating the Wiki for more information on the land of Valleras and the world it occupies – Mithline.]

Valleras the West Marches

Across the ocean known as The Dreaded Expanse, the wild untamed land of Valleras lies. 135 years ago the Nuldezan Empire founded the outpost town of Agamar on the shores of Valleras. This “new” land is filled with dangers lurking around every corner. Despite this some people have chosen to make the journey – Believing that settling in this dangerous land, is worth the freedom of getting out from what they view to be the Empires oppressive rule. Valleras also attracts would be adventurers – as no adventure is to be had in the civilized land of the Empire, surely there is plenty of adventure to be found in such an untamed land filled with untold dangers.

About West Marches

“West Marches” is a sandbox/hex-crawl style of campaign. Different groups of players can jump in at any time – there is no set party. During any given session, the party will travel into a wild, persistent world hunting for adventure, then return back to the safety of town at the end of the session. 

Valleras the West Marches

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